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Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum


Direct Delivery Vitamin C is DMK’s powerful Vitamin C serum, to help reduce the signs of aging, improve the appearance of uneven skin and encourage healthy, radiant skin.

* All DMK products can only be prescribed by a DMK Skin Revision Technician

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One of DMK’s most powerful skin rebuilding tools, Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum provides a sophisticated answer to the questions of how to combat signs ageing. The hydrating formulation encourages water retention, soothing dry skin. Additionally, the inclusion of vitamins C and B help to even the tone of the skin, calming, and encouraging heathy skin. Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum is ideal for tired, textured, oily skin, darkened complexion, and dull skin tone.

How to Apply:

Apply three pumps onto clean, dry skin and work in, applying more to problem areas. It can go right up under the eye area.

Therapist’s Tips:

Ladies your face and neck are not the only area that starts to show your age, apply two pumps to your décolleté to encourage youthful skin.


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